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Screen Tight

Screen Tight is the maintenance free, easy to install, durable and patented spline screening system. It offers all of the lifestyle advantages of an attractive, open-air screen porch with a perfect, no-sag fit that can be easily installed in hours.


Conventional screening methods usually consist of staples, which can secure the screen, and painted wood lattice, which serves as trim and covers staples. The lattice is usually replaced each time the screen is repaired.

With Screen Tight, the screen is rolled into place similar to the method used by window and door manufacturers. The external cap snaps onto the base component and evenly tightens the screen. When rescreening, the cap temporarily pops off, allowing a quick and efficient replacement.

The unique Screen Tight system is easily adapted to most screen porches with 2"x2" or 4"x4" framing and can accommodate openings of up to 40 square feet with a secure, tight grip and a no-sag appearance.

For more information about Screen Tight Screening Systems visit their web site at: www.screentight.com.







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