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From the roof to the foundation, Typar House Wrap creates a building envelope that protects your home from the damaging impact of moisture penetration. The complete Typar Weather Protection System covers and seals vulnerable areas from moisture and air infiltration, providing a defense against Nature and improving the overall energy efficiency of your home. When used as a complete system, you can rest comfortably and assured that you have superior protection against the elements backed by a 10-year limited warranty


Typar HouseWrap provides the perfect balance of water/air hold out and moisture vapor transmission (MVT). It blocks exterior water and air from entering the wall cavity while allowing moisture vapor from inside the home to escape the wall cavity.

Typar Construction Tape is a strong, coated polypropylene film that seals seams and edges to ensure the integrity of the building envelope. Use it on corners, joints and seams to improve the building envelope and air and moisture holdout.

Typar Peel & Stick Flashing is a modified bloc co-polymer flashing based on Typar's proven weather-resistant barrier and sealant technology, is compatible with Typar HouseWrap and Construction Tape, and features Quik-Peel split back release paper for easy positioning and flexible installation.

Typar Flashing Flex is a two-ply oriented high density polyethylene film, mated to a premium butyl rubber adhesive and release sheet. This conformable, composite peel and stick flashing product improves air and moisture holdout on window flanges, sill plates, corners, and joints.

Typar Flashing RA is a rubberized asphalt flashing that is an affordable choice with best-in-class performance. It has all of the advantages of Peel & Stick Flashing while offered at a lower price.

For more information about Typar's Weather Protection System visit their web site at: www.typar.com.

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