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About Us

Founded by W.T. Fary and his brothers, W.T. Fary Bros. has been in business for over 100 years. We are located in Gloucester County, Virginia, at 8843 Fary's Mill Road near Ark.

W.T. Fary Bros. is a full-service lumber yard specializing in high-quality lumber, molding, doors, and windows. We pride ourselves in providing superior quality building materials and outstanding service.

Our target market is the Middle Peninsula, Peninsula, and Northern Neck areas, but we also supply jobs in the general eastern Virginia area as well. Our customer base is 75% contractor and 25% homeowner.

For more than 100 years, W.T. Fary Bros. has been dedicated to dealing fairly and respectfully with all of our customers. It is our view that good business practices are not an afterthought, but the only way to conduct business. This conscientious approach has supported long-term relationships with our employees, our customers, and our vendors.

We believe that a concentration on quality materials, great service, sound advice, and a fair price will guide us through the next 100 years into a bright future. Our heritage was built on these principles and our fate as a business will depend on the same.

Even in today's competitive market we remain closed on Sunday. Our employees appreciate being part of a company that allows them time to rest, worship and/or spend time with their families. Additionally, we celebrate New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.


In the late nineteenth century Thomas Montgomery Pike Fary and sons worked cutting railroad ties, ran a tannery, and farmed near Ark in the Beaverdam Swamp area of Gloucester County, Virginia.

In 1907, Thomas Pike's son, W.T. Fary, and his brothers, started W.T. Fary Bros. Lumber Co. on route 606 in Ark, where they built a sawmill and planer facility powered by steam. In addition, they cut and hauled timber, and farmed.

The original company included:

  • W.T. Fary - Manager

  • Peter Fary - Farming, Gardening, Livestock

  • Joseph Fary - Logging

  • Maryus Fary - Sawmill

  • Hubert Fary - Planer Mill

  • Emmett Fary - Farming

  • Grover Fary - Transportation, Repairs

  • Sally Fary - Assisted in feeding the crew

  • Ada Fary - Bookkeeping

2nd Generation:

  • Randolph Fary - Co-owner

  • Francis Fary - Co-owner

  • Jackie Fary - Bookkeeping

  • Cecil Fary

  • William Fary

3rd Generation:

  • Joe Fary - Manager

  • Donna Fary - Bookkeeping

4th Generation:

  • Brian Dunston

  • William Altemus

  • Geoff Williams

Current Office Staff:

  • Joe Fary

  • Paul Debolt

  • Scotty Proctor

  • Brian Dunston

  • John Walters

  • William Altemus

  • Donna Fary

  • Jackie Fary

Current Production & Delivery Staff:

  • Garland Carter

  • Richard Harris

  • Eric Cook

  • Steven Moffitt

  • Howard Lewis

  • Bobby Cook

  • Derek Hansen

  • Geoff Williams

Current Owners:
Randolph Fary Trust (Ark Holdings) - 
Randy Fary, Linda Williams, 
Mary Altemus, and Sally Trower


Francis R. Fary Marital Trust -
Jackie and Joe Fary

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